inspired by the vibrant culture,
art and spirit of india


An ancient elixir, a forgotten ingredient, a curious spirit — the bar at Baar Baar turns convention upside down by giving every drink its own stage. Borrowing from its Indian roots but shaking things up by taking inspiration from NYC's craft cocktail culture — the 12 seasonal signatures are divided into 4 sections. Each pays homage to traditional ingredients, cities, and
childhood memories.

At our pioneering Indian gastro bar, the chefs have worked closely with the mixologists to interpret vibrant, sweet and even savory flavors in a fresh avatar. Breaking down the anatomy of each drink to challenge all your senses!

New delhi sour

Medley Bros. 102 Proof Bourbon /
Rose Hip Shrub / Citrus /
Egg White / Bitters

A classic whiskey sour re-invented with
aromatic rose hip shrub and spices.


Nolet's Gin / Barolo Chinato /
Potli Masala Infused Aperol

Rested for 6–8 Weeks in Kentucky White Oak Barrels.
Our take on Mawalin – a bittersweet concoction made with spirit,
dates, herbs, and spices. You can drink it straight or with soda,
as it has a great bitter flavor that evaporates
quickly once consumed.

Our Wines

Baar Baar’s wine list features an evolving mix of the classics across a range of prices, vintages, and styles, encompassing New and Old World offerings. Baar Baar offers a mix from the U.S., France, Italy, and Spain, all chosen to complement the unique tastes of our cuisine.

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